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Shanghai Hui sheng recycling Ltd is a strictly formal registration material recycling companies, green in order to win-win cooperation. Shanghai Sheng recycling, material recycling in Shanghai, Shanghai scrap recycling, scrap steel recycling, scrap metal recycling, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai scrap copper recycling, recycling of aluminium scrap recycling, stainless steel, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai electronic products recycling, recycling and trade is also set for the integrated company. Since the opening of the company has a lot of successful recovery cases, but also by individuals, families, businesses and many institutions alike, the company put the credit in the first place, the spirit of "honesty", in accordance with the principle of "serving the public" attitude, conscientious management, on-site service, prices higher than the market price of the company.

scope of business: recycling, inventory, Office equipment, transformers, transformers screen partition, hotel equipment, hotel equipment, refrigeration equipment, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, kitchen equipment, household appliances, audio equipment, computers and software, used plant relocation, KTV demolition, KTV facilities, gym, coffee shop supplies all Office supplies. Waste wire, and steel Windows, and wood floor, and composite floor, and carpet, and warehouse accumulated material, and clear garbage earthwork, and various nonferrous metals (iron, and copper, and aluminum, and stainless steel,), and plastic products, and filled and the hotel Hotel enterprises of indoor outside decoration and advertising brand of demolition engineering, and factory within idle equipment, and has professionals demolition indoor all structure, and contracting garbage removal and demolition plant, and company has himself of handling team, and also undertake handling business.

Shanghai Hui Sheng Waste Materials Recycling Co.,Ltd

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