As a "green recovery" first provincial Department of Commerce

As a "green recovery" first station within the provincial Department of Commerce Agency compound is especially busy, agency staff you push a car scrap of newspaper and books, I brought a pile of discarded files, soon, Shanghai material recycling corporation more than more than 30 workers piled in front of "the Hill". "Just this morning, recycled paper products, 3 tons of scrap iron kind of 1.5 tons of goods, renewable resources this ' treasure ' has great potential. "Recycling company staff said happily.
set a new example for provincial government waste disposal

"this acquisition is a great way to not only can solve the problems we encountered in handling all types of waste products and dispose of used goods but also for provincial government has set a new example. "The head of the provincial Department of Commerce said, before their treatment of waste products, not only causing loss of public property, and may result in some loss of confidential documents.
City supply and marketing cooperatives of staff told reporter, to active implementation recently by Commerce, and State Affairs Authority, nine sector issued of on carried out 2012 national waste commodity recycling using publicity activities of notification, Shanghai city regeneration resources recycling Management Office, and Shanghai City material recycling corporation carried out has "green recycling into organ" activities, aimed at further improve party, and General cadres masses on do waste commodity recycling using work, mining city mineral resources importance of awareness.
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