At present, the Shanghai waste product recycling system has taken shape in

At present, the waste product recycling system has taken shape in our city, but still not perfect, the uneven development of networks, processing and utilization technology, serious secondary pollution, some enterprises in China and business behavior is not standardized, and so on. To that end, the city will strengthen the cooperation with neighboring provinces, municipalities, and support enterprises in "going out" station was built, extending network. While, to leading enterprise for carrier, speed up recycling site, and sorting center, and car, and appliances split Solutions Center Standardization construction of pace; to convenience Limin for starting point, city community each 1600 households ~2100 households, village each more than 2,400 more households built a standardization waste recycling site, through closed transport car regularly timing collection transit, improve waste items recovery; speed up modern sorting technology promotion and application, promoted sorting center to fine of sorting, and harmless of disposal, and mechanized package, and resources of using development, Improved sorting capabilities.
it is understood that city will also improve the scrap metal, waste plastics, waste paper, scrap cars and scrap mechanical and electrical equipment, waste tires, waste electrical and electronic products, scrap lead-acid batteries, waste glass, waste energy-saving lamps and other major recovery of the waste products. According to "three district a Center" construction standard, in city select 10 a recycling scale big, and funds input more, and radiation led sex strong of large recycling processing company, through standardized upgrade transformation, built set commodity trading, and sorting processing, and warehouse distribution, and commodity show, and sewage processing, and information released, and solid waste burning, function for one, years recycling processing capacity in 300,000 tons above of regional large waste items recycling using base.
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