Scrap tractor how to deal with

1: to meet the needs of agricultural tractor production in China, strengthening the management and recycling of scrapped tractors, according to minutes of the meeting of the national leading group for renovation of old cars ((1992), steam-no No. 002), these measures are formulated.
2: recycling of scrapped tractors management into the scope of the national leading group for renovation of old cars. Centrally managed by the Department of materials, material recycling of materials management office of the contractor.
3: recycling of scrapped tractors
recycling of scrapped tractors to make full use of the existing recycling scrap auto channels, networks and facilities. In principle, by the China materials recycling corporation and the region material recycling at all levels (metal recycling) companies responsible for recycling.
(a) farming, production and construction Corps and the scrapping of Penal farm tractor, by the China materials recycling corporation and its affiliated companies are responsible for recycling.
(b) State of County and township agricultural machinery management station and the village collective farm machinery service of scrapped tractors by geographical material belongs to material recycling (metal recycling) companies responsible for recycling. Abandoned tractors, local material recycling (metal recovery) recovery company.
(c) in addition to the recovery unit, other departments, units and individuals shall not be scrapped tractors.

fourth recycling of scrapped tractors procedures (a) sold units requires technologies identified by the management of agricultural machinery, tractors sold scrap recycling unit.
(b) scrap units sold scrap after tractor, certified by the recovery unit to the recycling of scrapped tractors.
(c) sell scrapped units scrapped by the farm machinery management departments of tractor tractor technical appraisal certificate? recycling of scrapped tractors to prove to local cancellation of road maintenance fees maintenance departments, receive updates tractor offers proof.
4: recycling of scrapped tractors proof by material recycling of materials management office uniform, published.
5: purchase price of scrapped tractors, according to material relating to the development of recycled scrap, scrap copper price notification ((1989), No. 408), combined with scrap iron and steel prices and scrap metal content of the tractor determines.
6: units sold of scrapped tractors, apart from the engine and transmission Assembly, allowing sold the unit to remove the useful parts, but not sales. Where there is a disconnect, sold the unit to issue a certificate.
7: recycling units to actively establish recycling outlets to perform the services, and strictly in accordance with the provisions of the receiving and dismantling in a timely manner. Disintegration down the engine and transmission Assembly must set aside steel processing. Recycling flat banned the scrapped tractors, assembling machine resale is strictly prohibited. For used parts, pass the inspection, allow reclamation of the unit in accordance with the principles of both old and new pricing for sale.
8: the contravention of the above provisions, by the administration of industry and commerce in conjunction with the materials sector and the competent authorities in their investigation.
9: the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, separately listed cities material recycling (metal recycling) companies to establish a statistical system of scrapped tractors, statistical reporting and completing the procedure according to the contents of scrap automobile statistical measures.
10: the approach from the publication date of implementation.
11: this approach by the national leading group for renovation of old cars Office Department of resources recycling and materials management office is responsible for the interpretation.
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