Shanghai recycling economy "reduction" principle

Shanghai cycle economic of "reduction quantitative" principles is refers to in service and production process in the, do everything possible to to reduced resources consumption and waste of produced, core is improve resources using efficiency; "again using" is refers to products times using who or repair, and refurbished or again manufacturing Hou continues to using, as to extended products of using cycle;
"resources of" principles is refers to waste maximum to into for resources, legalizing gambling on, both can reduced natural resources of consumption, and can reduced on pollutants of emissions. From the current situation, the resource is mainly of two, one is recycled, such as scrap metal into recycled iron, used silica gel into regeneration of silica gel; the other is the waste as raw materials, plastics recycling, ash used to produce building materials, road-building and construction of municipal solid waste to generate electricity.
recycling economy at the macro level, the requirements to the layout and adjustment of industrial structure, the concept of circular economy through economic and social development in the areas, the links, improve and establish resource recycling society system.
spoke at the micro-level of circular economy, Shanghai enterprises to save cost, improve resource utilization
rate, achieving reduction objective of comprehensive utilization of wastes generated in the production process, and extends to the waste recovery and recycling to; depending on condition and industrial distribution of resources to extend and widen the production chain, promote coexistence between industries.
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