WEEE cannot be arbitrarily discarded

In accordance with the regulations, appliance manufacturers, sales companies and imported WEEE processing enterprises can also entrust qualified enterprises to handle. Consumer waste household appliances should be sold to the appliance dealer, service or recycling business, without discarding and dismantling activities. And even selling the old home appliances, sold only on the designated flea markets, strict registration, including name, number, source, and put old household appliances detection identifies, prove that sales of household electrical appliances are not up to scrap standards.
of the 11th under the Ordinance provides that the appliance dealer and service agencies have an obligation to recycle appliances, recycling waste household appliances should be sold to qualified enterprises.
at present, China has already become a household electrical appliance and electronic products production and consumption countries. In 2003, China's TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers produced 182 million, 900 million units, retirement community ownership amount of 28 million units, has reached a peak of elimination. Due to the lack of effective recycling of waste household appliances and electronic products, not only waste resources, cause serious impact on the environment and pose a security risk to consumers. The past two years, the national development and Reform Commission, jointly with relevant departments to study the establishment of waste household appliances and electronic products recycling system, began drafting the upbuilding of our regulations.

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